– Gameplay:

– Trailer:

– Teaser:

– Version 0.4: First code editings. Enemies die with one hit (like in the anime) and don’t leave ammo. Enemies have different AI. Second original level. Tweaked music to sound better. Added food itens. Added plants, computers and other objects. Better graphics for doors, ammo:

– Vr. 0.3: Added two enemies (armored Nozah and evil Opa-opa). Added various objects. Added Sega bonus itens. Added “wall signs” concept. Added “space station areas” concept (green walls: social; grey walls: science; orange walls: maintenance). Added secret wall sound (from the anime). First entire original level:

– Vr. 0.2: Added first enemy (Nozah foot soldier). Added two Zillion guns (JJ’s single gun and Apple’s machine-gun). Added door sound (from the anime). Created wall concept. Added music and shooting sounds:


  • Videoclips from the original anime:

Here’s some videos I edited with songs and scenes from the anime. These songs are amazing, and its a shame that they are completely forgoten.


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