Thanks to…

Thanks to Sega and Tatsunoko for creating this great franchise. I don’t know what happened for them to just abandon Zillion, but I’m sure it was something re$onable and not at all childish. And it was also a great idea, of course. Just throw away a perfectly successful intelectual property. I’m pretty sure Sega can do without that.

Thanks to id Software for creating Wolfenstein 3D and for offering the code for the modding community. Thanks to John Carmack, John Romero, Adrian Camack, Tom Hall and everyone who busted their asses with the original game.

Thanks to all the Wolf3d mod community. Special thanks to Brian Lowe (, Paal Olstad (, AReye and MC’s (, and the  DieHard Wolfenstein Bunker and its forums ( Thanks for being kind and share all your tutorials.

Also, I’d like to thank a few users from Diehard Wolfers, who served as my guinea pigs, testing version 1.0. Thanks Andy_Nonymous , ronwolf1705, Tricob, linuxwolf, quartzdoll . Expect to receive your exclusive t-shirt “I tested Zillion3D before it was cool” anytime now. You did call and said “AARDWOLF“, right????

Zillion 3D was made with the Wolf3d Data Compiler (, by Adam Biser. Dude, thanks for making this program, it was what kickstarted my project and stayed with me till the end.

Thanks to the creators of Wolf4SDL for sharing your hard work.

Also, thanks to all the pixel artists whose art I, ahem, borrowed, specially the artists from the game Robo Army, from SNK, and Strife, from Rogue Entertainment, which were a very valuable source of those damn little pixels.

And last, but not least, thanks to the all the artists who created the art and music for the Zillion anime. Also, all the artists of the original Master System games, which were the inspiration for most of the graphics in Zillion 3D.



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