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Download Zillion 3D

Zillion 3D is a Wolfenstein 3D mod with characters from the anime Akai Koudan Zillion.

It’s based on Wolf4SDL, so it doesn’t require installation, just click the .exe file.

New Version 1.1:

Here is a revised version of Zillion3D, making the game a bit more forgiving. New Stuff: Ammo limit is 99.  Difficulty is more balanced. Bosses die quicker. Par times more realistic. Extra life at every 150.000 points.

Download version 1.1 at the link:


I’d like to thank a few users from Diehard Wolfers, who served as my guinea pigs. Thanks Andy_Nonymous , ronwolf1705, Tricob, linuxwolf, quartzdoll . Expect to receive your exclusive t-shirt “I tested Zillion3D before it was cool” anytime now. You did call and said “AARDWOLF“, right????

Version 1.0:

This is the first version. It’s kindda hard. Think of it as a hardcore edition. Ammo limit is 48. Enemies kill you in the blink of an eye. Bosses die after an eternity. If you like hard games, go for it. Otherwise, just stay with version 1.1, which is also hard, but not as insane.

>> Download version 1.0 here at Moddb <<