Here are all the maps, just in case you can’t find your way around the last floors.

Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

Episode 1_Floor 1               Episode 2_Floor 1

e1_l1          e2_l1

Episode 1_Floor 2               Episode 2_Floor 2

e1_l2          e2_l2

Episode 1_Floor 3               Episode 2_Floor 3

e1_l3          e2_l3

Episode 1_Floor 4               Episode 2_Floor 4

e1_l4          e2_l4

Episode 1_Floor 5               Episode 2_Floor 5

e1_l5          e2_l5

Episode 1_Floor 6               Episode 2_Floor 6

e1_l6          e2_l6

Episode 1_Floor 7               Episode 2_Floor 7

e1_l7          e2_l7

Episode 1_Floor 8               Episode 2_Floor 8

e1_l8          e2_l8

Episode 1_Floor 9               Episode 2_Floor 9

e1_l9          e2_l9

Episode 1_Secret Floor     Episode 2_Secret Floor

e1_l10          e2_l10




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