The Nozah Army

Foot Soldier

foot_1c They are quick and lethal. This bastard will shoot you to oblivion in the blink of an eye if you fuck around.

Armored Soldier

armor_1 They’re big and can take more than one hit. They think they can hide inside that armor. Kill’em before they kill you.

Pao Pao

paopao_1 Straight from Zillion II for the Master System, this little fucker is the perverted annoying version of Opa Opa.

Vehicle Division

bike_1 They think they’re better than everyone else with their little cars. Don’t let them get away. Shoot them in the face.

Elite Soldier

elite_1 He’s silent and deadly. He also likes the Star Wars prequels, so obvioulsy he deserves to be shot dead.





soleir_1 Don’t let her cyberboobs fool you. She’s a bitch. Also, she’s full of venereal diseases. Shoot her down.


navarro_2 He’s big and dumb and he insulted your mother last night. Will you just let him get away with that?


gerdock_1 Look at his smug face. Shoot him like he’s your boss. And just so you know, he also tortures kittens.




Baron Ricks

ricks_1 He thinks you’re a failure in life and he judges you. You must murder him. And he’s a better villain than Darth Vader. There. I said it.


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