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Download Red Laser Z


Red Laser Z is the spiritual successor of Zillion 3D. It is an original IP, so if you liked Zillion 3D, check it out:

Red Laser Z (demo v-0.21e)

And here‘s the itchi.o page!

Or find the demo here!

Red Laser Z is a retro FPS where you have ONE weapon that kills everything with ONE shot.

No bullet sponges. No recoil. No statistical bullshit. No mouselook dampening. You aim, you shoot, you destroy.

The ONLY items to collect are energy, ammo, and keys. No reload. No fatigue. No regenerating health. No crafting of any kind.

Talk with NPCs. Search drawers, lockers, and other objects.

All songs by Ozzed. You can find his great music at

Some art by Klaatu. He’s a great professional illustrator and you can commission his great art here and here!

Check out the gameplay: