Download Zillion 3D

Zillion 3D is a Wolfenstein 3D mod with characters from the anime Akai Koudan Zillion.

It’s based on Wolf4SDL, so it doesn’t require installation, just click the .exe file.

Version 1.1:




I’d like to thank a few users from Diehard Wolfers, who served as my guinea pigs. Thanks Andy_Nonymous , ronwolf1705, Tricob, linuxwolf, quartzdoll . Expect to receive your exclusive t-shirt “I tested Zillion3D before it was cool” anytime now. You did call and said “AARDWOLF“, right????

8 responses to “Download Zillion 3D

  1. Amazing stuff…i tried before but with a more sophisticated 3D engine, without success good work, let me know when it´s finish

    • Cara, eu joguei aquele demo que vc fez e fiquei completamente impressionado e obcecado! Principalmente com os cenários que ficaram iguais o desenho (putz, aquela máquina de treinamento!). Eu até pensei em tentar aprender os programas de modelagem e oferecer ajuda pra voces, mas eu nao manjo nada nem de programação nem de desenho.

      Eu tb tinha tentado usar umas engines mais novas, mas simplesmente nao consegui. Nao entendendo nada de programação. Mas mesmo assim eu queria jogar um FPS do Zillion, e finalmente tive a ideia de fazer o mais simples possível e acabei achando os tutoriais do Wolf3d. Mas, caramba, que trabalheira… parecia que ia ser fácil substituir os gráficos do Wolfenstein, mas haja paciência… =]]

      Agora, cá entre nós, como é que a Sega e a Tatsunoko nunca fizeram um FPS do Zillion? Se essas empresas parassem de brigar elas teriam uma puta franquia nas mãos….

  2. Luiz Fernando

    Congratulations on the excellent work! I’m already playing for hours… :p

  3. Love it. Thank you!

    Yet, the current control behavior is extremely difficult to actually use…

    I’d like to set:
    + Mouse movement to be look only. (Turning left and right, and looking up/down if applicable; never changing the player’s location.)
    + Direct strafing keys. (No holding a separate strafe key, simply press a key to move in a direction.)

    Simple, easy, and extremely intuitive; allowing essentially instantaneous translation from thought to game, and much greater speed, accuracy, and even multitasking.

    If these basic inputs / behaviors aren’t implemented…

    Without strafing keybinds, or an option to constantly strafe:
    + The strafe modifier MUST be able to be disconnected from mouse movement. (If this is not implemented while strafe is required for key based movement, the game is completely unplayable; trying to strafe move forces the mouse to strafe move instead of turning.)
    – An external program will be required to constantly hold the strafe key…

    Without mouselook separate from mousemove:
    – An external program will be required to prevent vertical mouse input to the game…

    Please make it playable! ❤

    As is, it's a chore, not fun at all. ;\

    Thanks again for creating this reinvention!

    • Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!!! =]

      You’re right, the control scheme can be difficult for modern gamers. Remember this is a mod of a very old game and the control shows it. I also had a bit of a learning curve when I went back to Wolf3D after so many years. I must say that strafing is essential in this game: once you master the alt key, you’ll have the most fun with it.

      The game is meant to be played with arrow keys for movement, space for doors, ctrl for shoot, and alt for strafing. This is the best config for this specific game. Yes, it does take a little practice. And yes, the game itself is difficult, much in the same fashion of older games, making it much more satisfying to master.

      I wish I could implement mouse look and a control scheme like a modern FPS, but this is beyond my capability with the Wolf3D engine. I think it’s somewhat possible (with wolf4sdl), but I myself don’t know how to do it. Also, I think it would lose some of the charm. Remember, Zillion3D is supposed to be a simple game, like a translation of a 2D action game into faux 3D.

      As a side note, I’m working on a “spiritual successor” for Zillion3D with a full 3D engine (Unity) and control scheme identical to modern games. It will take some time to finish though.

      Thanks again for playing Zillion3D and giving feedback. For now, I encourage you to try learning the more simplistic control scheme with arrows, ctrl and alt. I guarantee it will be worth it. ^_^

  4. Blah. WordPress, y u so eat my formatting enters.

    Let me guess, you eat the doublespace between sentences too, and make it single. -_-

  5. Yep! xD


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